Dental Services

Same-Day Dentistry

Experiencing a dental emergency? To make you feel better, we’d teleport our whole office right to you immediately if we could. Call us and we’ll set up an appointment to see you right away. Let us show you why our practice is called Today Dental with Same-Day care that is so gentle and prompt that you can leave our office smiling even if you started the day crying. Read more.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want a glamorous smile that will make jaws drop and the hearts of your peers beat just a little bit faster? With our incredible experience, skill, and artistry, your Today Dental team can deliver outstanding and gorgeous results that could keep you in front of a mirror for hours. Start living a luxurious life with a first-class, awe-inspiring grin from Today. Read more

Teeth Whitening

Look your healthiest, brightest, and most successful with our luxury teeth-whitening services. Enjoy dramatic results after just one hour, or experience the incredible convenience of our personalized take-home trays with our at-home whitening kits. Whatever your care preferences, you can get the white smile you’ve been craving from Today Dental. Read more.


Want an enviable smile that will make the people around you wish that they knew about Today Dental? Ask us about our luxury porcelain veneers. Our level of professionalism, years of experience, and sagelike dentistry knowledge make cosmetic makeovers easy for you. Each Today Dental veneer is custom-made to transform your smile until you reach your smile goals. Come in with an ordinary smile and leave Today with a smile that would help even the Evil Queen become the fairest of them all. Read more.


Want teeth so straight and even that your smile could make your neighbor wonder if they’d seen you in their favorite 90s sitcom? Top-quality orthodontic treatments at Today Dental could help you achieve your smile dreams. We go above and beyond regular expectations to deliver luxury comfort and the kind of gentleness that would impress a lamb. Read more.

Invisalign® Treatment

Your orthodontic treatment could be sleek and modern wires and brackets, or if you want something more discreet and covert, we offer Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign aligners from Today Dental expertly apply just the right amount of pressure to straighten your teeth without drawing any unwanted attention to your smile. Each aligner is custom-made to fit against your teeth so perfectly that you can forget that it’s there. Your fellow Texans around probably won’t even notice you’re wearing braces! Read more.

Dental Cleanings

Dental problems? What dental problems? If you keep up with your regular dental cleanings and practice great oral hygiene at home, you can avoid common dental issues. At Today Dental, we’d prefer it that way. We’ll help you keep your smile healthy and prevent issues with cleanings that leave your teeth feeling oh-so-incredibly smooth and your mouth minty-fresh. Worried about periodontal disease? We have the first-rate treatments and skills to banish the bacteria that cause gum issues. Ask us about periodontics and cleanings today. Read more.

Crowns & Fillings

Has your smile seen better days? We’ll do what we can to help your smile see a GREAT day with our restorative dentistry treatments and services. With the right restorative methods, we can work to restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate your teeth until they look so good you won’t want to stop smiling. Fillings fix cavities and prevent infection and tooth pain. A dental crown is like a second life for a tooth that’s experienced serious damage. Our porcelain crowns and fillings look so natural that they’ll blend right in with the rest of your teeth. Our favorite dental work is the kind that’s so seamless that it looks invisible, and that’s the service we strive to offer at Today Dental. Read more.

Dental Implants

The end of a tooth doesn’t have to mean the end to your smile dreams. We can create a brand new tooth for you using a dental implant and one of our gorgeous porcelain crowns. Dental implants restore the root of the tooth and the crown restores the crown or chewing surface. For a restoration that provides all of the natural teeth benefits you need to be happy and healthy, visit Today Dental. Many practices send their patients to specialists to have their implants placed. At Today Dental, we ARE the specialists. When you find amazing dentistry, you don’t want to go anywhere else. With Today Dental’s extensive range of services, you can replace missing teeth right here. Read more.


Missing more teeth than you can reasonably replace with dental implants or a bridge? No problem! We offer luxury high-end custom dentures that look and feel like regular teeth. We can even secure our dentures with dental implants so that they will never slip or click out of place. Read more.

Root Canal

Painless root canals! Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not at Today Dental! At our practice, you’re getting premier comfort and amenities from a team of professionals that care too much about you to let you endure sensitivity. With dental sedation, you’ll experience incredible comfort. A root canal could feel as simple as a filling procedure to you due to our commitment to quality and care. Read more.

Sedation Dentistry

At Today Dental, anxious patients are future friends and patients who haven’t yet experienced the comfort and relaxation that our sedation dentistry treatments provide. We offer three different types of sedation and let patients pick exactly the level and type of administration that best meets their needs. Let us consult with you to determine how to best make sure you’re completely comfortable and at ease in our office. If there’s anything we can do to accommodate you, please let us know. Read more.