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Free Teeth Whitening

Our Dentist Practice

Today Dental is a one-of-a-kind dental practice owned by a family of dentists. It’s our privalege to care for patients in our state-of-the-art dental clinics throughout Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Today Dental has complete dentistry and orthodontic services to create and care for your family’s stunning smiles. Meet our dentists or walk-in to one of our locations at your convenience for an amazing new patient experience.

Support for Children in the DFW Community

Today Dental is not only committed to providing excellent services to their patients, but advocating for and Raise Awareness the Scottish Rite for Children. When one of the owners children was born with a genetic condition while he was in dental school, the Scottish Rite for Children offered their services to provide treatment. The owners are so grateful for their charity that all doctors and staff wear two different color shoes (orange & blue), in addition to adopting these colors for their brand.

Today Dental regularly works to make a difference, raise awareness, and support the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children!

A Family Dentist for Dallas

Because we work with members of our family every day, treating others like family just comes naturally. When you visit one of our full-service dental clinics, you will get the same level of time, care, and attention that we give our own family! Once you try us, you’ll see why our patients say the dentists at Today Dental are the best in the world!