Tips For Great Teeth

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Hi, fellow smile enthusiasts!

Next time when you hear someone yell out “GREAT WHITE,” you’ll know they’re referencing your teeth and not a nearby shark. Our dentists compiled a list of the 7 most important things to help you with that great, white smile ;). Here they are!

1. Brush Twice A Day

You’ve heard the drill, once in the A.M. and once in the P.M. It’s easy to remember, but harder to do every day when life gets busy. Brushing our teeth is our first line of defense against many mouth-borne diseases. It’s also the most effective way to keep your teeth clean, gums healthy, and the dental bill low. Whatever your stance is on the varying degrees of oral hygiene, this tip is always #1.

2. Floss BEFORE Brushing

We’re not here to tell you about the benefits of flossing, since there are literal 350-page books written about it. Just do it, trust us. Now, what we are here to tell you, is when you should floss. Always have it be the first in line (hah), then brush, then mouthwash. Why? Well, flossing first increases the fluoride concentration delivered from the toothpaste when brushing, which makes your tooth enamel stronger, making it easier to resist decay. It also helps loosen up the plaque and any food that may have been pinched between your teeth, allowing the brush or mouthwash to clear it out. 

3. Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year

Like it is the case for many things: regular upkeep is always cheaper than a massive overhaul. The same logic also applies to your oral hygiene! Going to the dentist once to twice a year helps by keeping your cavities in check, giving necessary fillings where needed, making sure your roots are healthy and strong, and cleaning all that tartar off the hard to reach parts of your grill. The more we delay these regular maintenance checks, the more we all start to look like Davy Jones’ crew on The Flying Dutchman. Ew…barnacley.

4. Get A Good Toothbrush

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for a toothbrush. Depending on tooth sensitivity, gum health, and brushing style – you’ll want something that you can comfortably brush with twice a day. That said, technology has come a long way since the simple toothbrush, and it’s recommended by most dentists that going electric is always the better bet. It essentially does all the work for you, for the time it’s supposed to, while being way more effective at it. Put it this way: would you cut your grass with shears, or use a lawnmower? A no brainer.

5. Eating Sticky Or Sugary Foods

No surprise here, but I thought it needed a mention just because a lot of consumables have either sugar or syrup to make them taste better, or be chewier. From soda, to gum, to dried fruit, to your favorite Chinese food place. It’s everywhere, and plaque bacteria use that sugar to produce acids that attack your enamel. Sneaky bacteria! 

6. Use Flouride Toothpaste

Is it team Crest or team Colgate? A rivalry destined for the ages. Whichever brand you choose, just make sure it has fluoride in it. Fluoride makes your tooth enamel stronger, making it easier to resist decay, which then helps with cavity prevention and having stronger teeth. If that’s your goal, then you know what to choose next time you’re walking down the hygiene aisle of your local grocery store.

7. Use Mouthwash

We mean after every time you brush, not just when you’re trying to hide some bad breath. Mouthwash neutralizes most of the plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth and rinses out any loose debris that your toothbrush didn’t get. We know it’s spicy and uncomfortable, but just pretend you’re a volcano and the spicy mouthwash is the lava erupting. Super fun and highly recommend.

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