Visualize braces that are comfortable, sophisticated, and subtle. Imagine achieving the smile of your dreams without changing your lifestyle at all. Are you interested?

With Invisalign, you can straighten teeth without the frustrations and inconveniences associated with metal braces. Keep your treatment a secret! You don’t have to make any challenging changes to wear Invisalign aligners.

If you have crowded teeth, crooked teeth, a poor bite, or gaps between your teeth, we can improve your smile with Invisalign.

Why Straighten Teeth?

Here are a few reasons why our patients choose to straighten their teeth with orthodontics or Invisalign:

  • Crooked teeth are more difficult to brush and floss.
  • Crooked teeth trap food and bacteria more easily, increasing your chances of developing decay and disease.
  • Straight teeth hold up better against common oral health issues and are less susceptible to pain, bleeding, and infection.
  • Crooked teeth wear unevenly, causing tooth sensitivity and morphing your smile over time.
  • Straight teeth will improve your confidence for a lifetime!

Invisalign is invisible. It’s easy to take care of because you can remove your braces to brush and floss. It allows you to continue eating anything without modifying your diet.

Invisalign is fast-acting, effective, and convenient. Why not attain a better smile with easy Invisalign braces?

The Process

  • Our dentists will first take impressions of your teeth, and use those impressions to design your unique Invisalign system.
  • You will receive a series of several trays (usually about 12) that are created specifically to move your teeth to their ideal positions.
  • Every few weeks, you will remove your set of trays and begin wearing the next set in the series.
  • You’ll continue this pattern until you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

Give our office a call. Come in and see what you think. We are happy to answer questions, take suggestions, and make your Invisalign experience the best it can be.

Contact us today to schedule an Invisalign consultation at Today Dental.