Insurance & Financing Options

Insurance Providers

At Today Dental, we accept all PPO dental insurance plans, medicaid, and CHIP dental insurance plans to meet your needs. What you see below is only some of our providers. We’ll be more than happy to go through any questions you may have about these plans or others!

But… what if I don’t have insurance?

No insurance?
No problem.

Savings with Caredent

This is an artisan dental care at an affordable price. That’s right: no hidden fees, no deductibles, no class forms, no waiting period, no annual maximums, no exclusions, no credit check. Just a simple, no-fuss dental plan. Prices below 👇

ProcedureUsual FeeCaredent PriceYou Save
Emergency Appointment$74FREE100%
Cleaning (2x/year)$98FREE100%
Deep Cleaning$1,248$86431%
Fluoride Treatment$55$1278%
1 Surface Tooth-Colored Filling$191$15220%
2+ Surface Filling$291$19832%
Tooth-Colored Crown$1,324$95628%
Build Up$254$16236%
Anterior Root Canal$889$70820%
Posterior Root Canal$1,259$87431%
Simple Extraction$210$13834%
Surgical Extraction$303$19436%
Partial Denture$1,542$1,11728%
Full Denture$1,813$1,26930%
Zoom Whitening$475$29937%

* Excludes procedures completed by specialists or non-participating dentists.

* 2 Free Cleanings per year if the member does not have periodontal disease.

* Members will receive the discounted rates when the annual plan has been paid in full. No reimbursements will be offered.

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Today Dental clinics offer everything from simple checkups and cleanings, to cosmetic dentistry, to basic and major restorative care such as fillings, crowns, and more.  Our dental clinics also offer orthodontic treatments, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental care, as well!