The Fight For Equality


black lives matter today dental


As the owners and founders of Today Dental, we want everyone to know we mourn the tragic loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others who have died tragically due to racial injustice. These people’s lives were taken from them just because they were different; this is unconscionable. Along with you, we have watched as communities of every background, creed, and color have come together in protest, to join the largest civil rights movement since the 1960’s. It lifts our hearts to know that people are standing up and fighting for justice and the betterment of the American people. We stand with you.

We will not let ongoing racial discrimination and brutality stand.  

We want to emphasize the recent call to action from the TDA:

“It is clear that non-discrimination policies and diversity statements are simply not enough. We must live our shared principle of justice. That doesn’t merely mean not being fair—but working with the intention to act and speak out against racism and intolerance in our lives. ”

As a professional family, we at Today Dental must assert that racism will not be tolerated, as it has no place in a diverse world.

We know the road to dismantle inequality won’t happen overnight, but we must do what we can today! In our offices: we will lean on each other, respect each other, and show love for one another. Only then can we affect change!

The Today Dental Team