The Fight For Equality

black lives matter today dental

    As the owners and founders of Today Dental, we want everyone to know we mourn the tragic loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others who have died tragically due to racial injustice. These people’s lives were taken from them just because they were different; this is unconscionable. Along with you, we […]

Tips For Great Teeth

7 Tips For Great Teeth

  Hi, fellow smile enthusiasts! Next time when you hear someone yell out “GREAT WHITE,” you’ll know they’re referencing your teeth and not a nearby shark. Our dentists compiled a list of the 7 most important things to help you with that great, white smile ;). Here they are!   1. Brush Twice A Day […]

What an Emergency Dentist Can Do For You

A dental emergency can occur at any time of the day, even if you keep your teeth as clean as can be by brushing and flossing several times each day. Due to the unpredictable nature of dental issues, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding about how to find an emergency dentist and what […]